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McCain vs. Obama: Old America vs. New America
McCain vs. Obama: Old America vs. New America
Posted 6/16/2008 7:25 AM CDT
In a recent column in the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan characterized the presidential race of 2008 between John McCain and Barack Obama as a clash between Old America and New America. Here’s how Ms. Noonan put it:
"But 2008 will also prove in part to be a decisive political contest between the Old America and the New America. Between the thing we were, and the thing we have been becoming for 40 years or so.
Mr. McCain is the Old America, of course; Mr. Obama the New."
Here are a few of Ms. Noonan’s comparisons between Old and New America, with my interpretation of her statements:
"In the Old America, love of country was natural. You breathed it in. You either loved it or knew you should."
Translation: John McCain is a patriot, Barack Obama won’t salute the flag or wear a flag lapel pin, therefore he hates America.
"Old America: Tradition is a guide in human affairs. New America: Tradition is a challenge, a barrier, or a lovely antique."
Traditions. Yes, like when blacks knew their place in society and just accepted things like separate drinking fountains and restrooms. When a black person couldn’t vote, much less run for president. Traditions that dictated that if Tiger Woods was even allowed to be on a golf course, it was to carry the clubs and not swing them. And in case Ms. Noonan forgot, in the Old America she wouldn’t be a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

"Old America: "We've been here three generations." New America: "You're still here?"
Translation: Barack Obama is only one generation removed from Africa (wink, wink).

"Mr. McCain is the old world of concepts like personal honor, of a manliness that was a style of being, of an attachment to the fact of higher principles."
Oh really? Would that "personal honor" and "higher principles" include dumping your wife when she gains a few pounds and gets a few years older in favor of a younger, slimmer woman who, by the way, just happens to heiress to a fortune and can finance your political career? That kind of honor, principle and manliness?

"Both Old and New America honor sacrifice, but in the Old America it was more essential, more needed for survival both personally and in larger ways."
Translation: Barack Obama didn’t spend 5 years in a North Vietnamese prison camp. His version of sacrifice was giving up being a corporate lawyer for a career in public service.

"In the Old America, high value was put on education, but character trumped it."
Character? I refer you back to the honor and principles issue.
Ms. Noonan comes to this conclusion:
"I weigh this in favor of the Old America. Hard not to, for I remember it, and its sterling virtues."
Sorry Peggy, but I come down on the side of the New America. With all it’s faults and failures, America in 2008 is a better place for ALL it’s citizens than it was in 1958, 1968, or 1978.
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The Impossible Dream

Lyrics by Joe Darion
Music by Mitch Leigh

To dream the impossible dream,
to fight the unbeatable foe,
to bear with unbearable sorrow,
to run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong,
to love pure and chaste from afar,
to try when your arms are too weary,
to reach the unreachable star.

This is my quest,
to follow that star --
no matter how hopeless,
no matter how far.

To fight for the right
without question or pause,
to be willing to march into hell for a
heavenly cause.

And I know if I'll only be true to this
glorious quest
that my heart will be peaceful and calm
when I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
that one man scorned and covered with scars
still strove with his last ounce of courage.
To reach the unreachable stars.


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