Thursday, May 22, 2008

Help Cure Patrick Swayze and Connie Loughman!

Video made by: by the Loughman family of Indianapolis, IN. Connie Loughman, loving wife and mother of three daughters, is battling pancreatic cancer, the same disease that Hollywood legend, Patrick Swayze, recently announced he has.Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. 90% of patients die within 1-year of being diagnosed. Over 95% of patients die within 5-years of being diagnosed.The good news is that there is a revolutionary new treatment called TNFerade by GenVec, Inc. which is in clinical trials and has already cured patients and saved lives.The FDA allows persons with terminal illnesses for which there is no effective treatment protocol (a universe which includes pancreatic cancer patients) to obtain access to drugs in clinical trials - outside of the trial.It's called expanded access/compassionate use.The problem: GenVec, Inc. has denied requests by people with pancreatic cancer to receive the drug outside of the current PACT clinical trial - even those who are willing to pay for the costs of the treatment (such as the Loughman family).Please go to and ask GenVec, Inc. to grant compassionate use/expanded access of TNFerade to pancreatic cancer patients such as Connie Loughman and Patrick Swayze.
Category: Nonprofits & Activism
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Names: Patrick Swayze, Muhammad AliPhoto 5 of 96: Photo date: 18 March 2006 Photo by Michael Caulfield - © - Image courtesy

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Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze Marriage Profile
From Sheri & Bob Stritof,Your Guide to Marriage.FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now!
Together, Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze have dealt with success, disappointment, addiction, and loss. Now the two of them are coping with Patrick's cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Here is more information about the successful long term marriage of Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze.
Born: Patrick Wayne Swayze: August 18, 1952 in Houston, Texas.
Lisa Niemi aka Lisa A. Haapaniemi: May 26, 1956 in Houston, Texas.
How Patrick and Lisa Met: Lisa and Patrick met when she was 16 years old. Lisa was one of Patrick's mother's dancing students.
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Patrick about meeting Lisa: "I robbed the cradle. All these girls were studying with my mum and I used to go and check them out in their leotards - it was like being in a candy store ... She didn't buy any of my nonsense. We spent half our dates in total silence as she wouldn't talk to me if she thought I was putting on an act."
"We were friends for a long time before we became lovers. We even lived and slept together for a year before we had sex. That wasn't easy."Source: Lester Middlehurst, "Drink, suicide and why I turned against Hollywood",, 11/29/2005.
Wedding Date: Patrick and Lisa have been married since June 12, 1975. They were married in Harris County, Texas (Houston area) when Patrick was 22 years old and Lisa was 19 years old.
Children: Lisa and Patrick do not have any children. Lisa miscarried twice.
Residence: Patrick and Lisa have ranches in Los Angeles and in New Mexico.
Patrick: "We try to run our ranch like a wildlife preserve. If you live your life very close to the environment, you realise that if people pull together and change one thing, one time, it'll break this vicious victim cycle that we're all in ... It's a timber farm and we're trying to fix mismanaged forests. We have about 700 head of cattle and we're turning it into a wildlife preserve. I love the idea of owning as much land as I can and protecting it from greedy grandchildren for the future."Source: "Patrick Swayze -- The Cult King",
Occupations: Patrick: Actor, dancer, producer.
Lisa: Actress, writer, choreographer, dancer, singer, producer.
Quotes About the Marriage of Patrick and Lisa : Patrick about the key to a long term marriage: "I suppose it's about keeping love alive, learning how to fall in love over and over again, not taking each other for granted, forgiveness, trust. Whatever it is, it works for us."Source: Lester Middlehurst, "Drink, suicide and why I turned against Hollywood",, 11/29/2005.
Patrick about being married: "I like being married. I'm sort of like a loyal sheepdog, sometimes to a fault."Source: "Patrick Swayze -- The Cult King",
Lisa about Patrick: "I give him a lot of credit for not making me feel overshadowed or left out."Source: TV Guide interview, Tribute to Lisa
Patrick about working with Lisa: "We've always been a team. We raise horses together, run a music business and a wildlife preserve together. We have an unspoken language after all these years. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary."Source: Courtney Hazlett, People, Vol. 64, No. 10, pg 37, 9/05/2005.
Patrick about Lisa: "She's a huge inspiration. She's never lost the vision, and I did. I got beat down by the business and the world and ... does anybody really care about doing a film that could really make a difference and really touch people's lives? And she's like a pitbull and never quits."Source: Randall King, "Swayze crazy about 'Peg",, 3/10/2001.
More About Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze Profile

Ancestry of Patrick Swayze
World Famous Dancer and Movie Star
© Darlene Vaillancourt
Mar 7, 2008
Patrick Swayze comes from a family full of performers and his family tree is well-documented going back a number of generations.
Film star Patrick Swayze was born in Houston, Texas on August 18th, 1952. The rest of the Swayze family include Patrick's 2 brothers, Don and Sean, and a sister, Vicki. Unfortunately, Vicki passed away in 1994. Don Swayze is also an actor, who has had a large number of smaller roles on TV and on the big screen.
His father, Jesse, died fairly young in1982 of a heart attack. His mother, Patsy, is a professional dance choreographer who has worked on many movies and also runs a dance school.
Though his professional career began off-screen in the Broadway production of Grease, he shot to stardom with his role in the movie Dirty Dancing. His second big hit was Ghost. His latest movie is called Powder Blue where he will co-star for the first time with his brother, Don. It's due to be released in 2008
If you are unfamiliar with the following ahnentafel chart numbering system, you can find details on reading the chart here.
1. Patrick Wayne Swayze – b.1952
2. Jessie Wayne Swayze – b.1925 d.1982
3. Patsy Yvonne Karnes – b.1927
4. Jesse Elijiah Swayze – b.1890 d.1925
5. Mamie Bell Johnson – b.1895
6. Victor Elliott Karnes – b.1901 d.1982
7. Gladys May Snell
8. James Wesley Swayze – b.1840 d.1893
9. Sarah Elizabeth McDonald – b.1851 d.1907
12. William Karnes – b.1873
13. Pearl Lovejoy – b.1875
16. Alexander Swayze – b.1801 d.1850
17. Amanda Littleton
24. Victor Karnes – b.1849 d.1928
25. Frances
26. Reason E. Lovejoy – b.1841 d.1934
27. Martha Lucinda Hornsby – b.1846 d.1934
32. James Swayze
33. Elizabeth Starke
48. C.P Karnes
49. Mary
52. Mabry Lovejoy
53. Evangeline Sanford
64. Samuel Swayze – b.1737
65. Elizabeth Putnam
66. Daniel Stark
128. Rev. Samuel Swayze – b.1712 d.1784
129. Hannah Horton
256. Judge Samuel Swayze
257. Penelope Horton b.1689
He married his wife Lisa Niemi on June 12, 1975. The couple are still married (as of 2008) but have no children of their own. They met when Lisa was a student at Patsy Swayze's dance school. Though Patrick does not have children, he is uncle to the kids of his brother Don and sister Vicki.
In early 2008, Mr. Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the time of this writing, he was optimistic about his treatment and doing well.
If you've seen the Swayze (or Swasey) name in your own family tree, you might want to visit the GenForum message board for this surname. Perhaps you and Patrick are cousins?
Compiled from online databases at and, as well as the International Movie Database (IMDB).
The copyright of the article Ancestry of Patrick Swayze in Online Family Trees is owned by Darlene Vaillancourt. Permission to republish Ancestry of Patrick Swayze must be granted by the author in writing.

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Patrick Swayze and his wife LISA NIEMI are considering adoption after spending years trying to conceive naturally. The actor is bitterly disappointed he and Niemi - his wife of 31 years - have never been able to have their own kids. Now they are keen to explore other options before they are too old. Swayze, 53, says, "I think I was born to be a father. I've designed the perfect life for kids and I believe I could prepare a child well."