Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Since the beginnings of modern era network marketing over 50 years ago, and continuing through the present date, it has been the promise of network marketing that when an independent Marketing Representative builds a sales organization from which he/she derives a residual monthly income that, having built a sales organization and having become entitled to residual income from his/her personal sales and from the sales of his/her downline organization, the Independent Marketing Representative will continue to receive the fruits of his/her labor by way of continuing receipt of residual commission income.

This “promise” has yet to be fulfilled by any company in the network marketing industry. The intervening events which keep this promise from being kept by network marketing companies, and benefited from their Independent Marketing Representatives, are many and varied and include events such as cessation of network marketing, corporate bankruptcy, sale of the corporate business, sale of the revenue streams generating residual commissions, and the outright termination of residual commissions by the company.

The results of such intervening events to Independent Marketing Representatives and their families are often calamitous, causing serious economic consequences to the Independent Marketing Representatives and their families and sometimes the destruction of families.

YourTravelBiz.com is firmly resolved that its present and future Independent Marketing Representative shall not suffer such consequences and that for the first time in the network marketing industry a network marketing company,

YourTravelBiz.com, shall keep the promise to its Independent Marketing Representatives of uninterrupted residual commissions.

J. Lloyd Tomer, Chairman,
Board of Directors of YTBI, Inc.
Scott Tomer, President & CEO
Kim Sorensen, President
YTB Travel Network
Michael Brent, CEO
YTBI, Inc.

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