Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods Speaks Out - Forgiveness and Moving Forward!

Video Link Golf Channel: “Tiger Woods Press Conference - Tiger's Public Statement"

Tiger Woods ended nearly three months of silence Friday, when he spoke publicly for the first time since his middle-of-the-night car accident sparked stunning revelations of infidelity. Hear Woods' full statement now.

Official Tiger Woods Website:"Tiger Woods Press Conference - Tiger's Public Statement"

Tiger Woods speaks out, the most celebrated golfer on earth will speak to his fans and foes alike. I would like to express my support for Tiger Woods, not for his transgressions, but just for being a human being that has a god given talent as a golfer. Here's a quote by Lance Morrow, that I feel expresses forgiveness and moving forward with his, as well as everyone concerned or involved with Tiger Woods life!

"Not to forgive is to be imprisoned by the past, by old grievances that do not permit life to proceed with new business. Not to forgive is to yield oneself to another's control... to be locked into a sequence of act and response, of outrage and revenge, tit for tat, escalating always. The present is endlessly overwhelmed and devoured by the past. Forgiveness frees the forgiver. It extracts the forgiver from someone else's nightmare." - Lance Morrow

Tiger's Mom "So Proud"...Really?

At the end of his scripted statement today, a teary Tiger Woods made a point of immediately going over to his mom for a hug, and Kutilda Woods whispered something in his ear.

"I said 'I'm so proud of you. Never think you stand alone. Mom will always be there for you and I love you,'" Kutilda, who sported a noticeably pained expression on her face during the telecast, told reporters afterward.

At least she was talking. In Sweden, Elin Nordegren's parental units were far from forthcoming.

Elin's mom, Barbro Holmberg, who was by her daughter's side in the days following the Thanksgiving Day blow-up, declined to comment; her father, Thomas Nordegren, told reporters he watched Tiger's confessional but had "nothing to say" right now.

Guess they're not as proud of their son-in-law, eh?

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Tiger Woods Makes Apology

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