Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reasons You Don't Find Love And Money

Reasons You Don't Find Love And Money

By Tony Teegarden"

The best way to find "love", James, which, incidentally, is just as true for finding money, is to focus less on these by-products of a life well lived and more on a life well lived. -TuT quote

Hmm I hope you read that two or three times like I did. What a smack of reality.

Ask yourself...Are you only focused on finding that perfect partner?

Are you only focused on that new car?

Are you only focused on that new suit?

Are you only focused on that next credit card bill due?

A friend of mine the other day said that she was dating someone that she was quite fond of and was very happy with him. She said that it seemed such a thing happened when she wasn't even looking for it.

How many times have you heard someone say that and you said..."Why can't that happen to me?" Or, for those of you that are married, have you ever seen someone get a new car, new home etc...and you said to yourself the same thing?

Probably because you were trying too hard. You were focused on the by-products of a life well lived instead of a life well lived.

She was focused only on a life well lived rather than the results of it and is reaping the rewards in a happy relationship. (I know the types of books she reads and the company she holds so it doesn't surprise me.)

Imagine if we were mentally engaged in our home based business or network marketing business the same way?

Could you focus simply on your exposures, lead calls, follow ups, your personal development and keeping your commitments to your companies process?

If that was the case you would end up with the by-products in a matter of time.

Now I know what it means to keep the main thing the main thing. When you do, you end up with all the by-products you could ever want with out focusing ALL of your attention on them.

More importantly with the above attitude you don't cary any attachments to those by-products. They are free to come and go with out you being emotionally attached to them. This could be a whole new blog post unto itself.

Now, I can already hear someone saying, as they read this, "Tony, are you saying that I should not be focused on what I want? What about the law of attraction and visualization and dream boards!"

If you have read the Attractor Factor or read into The Secret, yes you do want to know what your by-products are. But these systems also state that you are to picture them, get clear on them, then allow the universe to take over as you take the sustained action.

A lot of times the by-products show up in your life in such a way that you could never predict. Just trust that they will. Don't ask how.

I just see people try too hard and never get past the "I want..." stage. They say they want but never really take action or if they do it's not consistent action towards their by-products.Most just simply give up too early.

There has to be sustained action taken and you have to put emotion and passion into it. Which isn't hard when you know why you're doing it.

So when you know that by-products are not your key to happiness and that it's the pursuit of the by-products that lends to your fulfillment, what do you do next?

You simply live your life well, with character, honor and respect. These are the products I choose to focus on.To serve, to love and to commit to my life's vision.

Everything else is a by-product.It's when the heart is already filled with joy that we can bring joy to others lives. Now that's a by-product that I bet you can't find on a dream board.

Tony Teegarden is a home based entrepreneur and has been self employed for 15 years. He lives in Clearwater Florida and blogs at Spiritual Marketing Philosophy

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