Friday, October 30, 2009



Currently you're able to find the nation's premier haunted houses, costumes, pumpkins, crafts, monsters and more. PLEASE, GO GREEN - HALLOWEEN: HOW TO GO GREEN - HALLOWEEN

(1) Halloween at the White House

(2) Halloween at the White House

(3) Halloween at the White House

Not a moment passes at Organizing For America without volunteers and leaders across the country taking their creativity to the next level. Last week, during our October 20 Day of Action, we had students launching ideas in Ohio and neighbors working together in Michigan to create one of the strongest advocacy pushes in the history of OFA. Once again, this Halloween, we want to call on you to put on your creative hats (it'll look great with that costume) and show us your carving skills!

A pumpkin can be many things; for some, its decoration. For others it's what your grandmother calls you while she's pinching your cheeks. Here at OFA, we think a pumpkin on your front porch can also be a way to show your support for health reform! Last year on October 31, four days before we elected Barack Obama as our 44th President, individuals carved images and messages into their festive orange pumpkins. Our friends at showcased the amazing results.

We want you to send us pictures of your carved pumpkins! You can recreate some of the carvings above. Click Here for some stencils, or come up with your own! Send us pictures to We are so close to the one year election anniversary mark, and we are close to making health insurance reform a reality. Bring your friends, family, and (b)roommates together and make a party out of carving your message to show your community your support for reform NOW. Let's scare the naysayers away!

Instead of another bad Halloween joke, I'll just leave the creativity in your hands....Be sure to send us pictures!

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