Sunday, August 10, 2008

United We Stand, Divided We Fail - Won't You Join Me?

We can't wait - the time to address these problems is now. I hope you'll signal your agreement by signing onto the Divided We Fail pledge today. If you have already agreed to support the Divided We Fail goals, I hope you'll urge your colleagues to do the same. If you want to learn more about this important effort, visit
Thank you for your time and efforts. I look forward to hearing from you in regard to Divided We Fail and whether or not you have signed the Congressional Pledge.
Understand the problem. See the solution. Insist that your government gets the message and just does it. It really is that simple. See our site and white paper at and
I believe that our elected officials have the political resolve to pass a comprehensive energy independence legislation bill before the 2008 elections. But will they take the high road and set aside their political differences in a joint bipartisan effort to do what all Americans deserve from their elected officials? Americans are facing some of the most important economic and energy issues in the history of our country. We need to contact our elected officials and tell them that we want a united effort from them to come together and resolve their differences. Our founding fathers had their different political views and they helped create a government of the people by the people, the greatest nation on earth the United States of America! It's up to the 300 plus million people of America to take our government back from those 545 elected officials and fix our current economic situation!
Why You should care about Energy, Personally.
Click on this URL to take action now
Ask McCain and Obama to tell you how they will work across the aisle for real change!

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